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Enamelling is an old and widely-adopted technology. The ancient Egyptians applied enamels to pottery and stone objects. The ancient Greeks, Celts, Russians, and Chinese also used enameling processes on metal objects.

From more recent history, the bright, jewel-like colors have made enamel a favored choice for designers of jewelry and bibelots, such as the fantastic eggs of Peter Carl Fabergé, enameled copper boxes of Battersea enamellers, and artists such as George Stubbs and other painters of portrait miniatures. Enameling was a favorite technique of the Art Nouveau jewellers.é

This pendant was created using very ancient technique of enameling-Cloisonné (French-“partitions”)First Cloisonné enamel pieces were discovered around 10-11th century in Byzantine Empire.This delicate design was made by forming fine silver wires and fine silver granules.Cloisonné cells were inlayed with layers and various colors of transparent, opalescent enamels and fired numerous times - than hand polished.é

Cloisonné, an ancient technique combining metalworking with other crafts, is a multi-step process used to produce jewellery, vases, and many other items display this decorative technique. The resulting objects can also be called cloisonné. Each color is separated from the others by silver wires and has the appearance of stone inlay, which has also, in recent times, been referred to as cloisonné.

With YOUR HEAVY STERLING SILVER ENAMEL PENDANT we will attach 925 Silver Chain for necklaces absolutely Free.

Item description :
number of items 1
location: Georgian Republic, Tbilisi
diameter: 3 cm.
weight: 5 gr.

45 cm.

price: 65 US dollars

please ask for different shapes and colors


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